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Meeting a Hairstylist can be nerve wrecking. I hope I can make this new journey for you as easy and relaxed as possible.

let's Get Started!

I believe that the pre visit consultation is just as
important as the day of.

Here I will be able to learn more about your hair history, your goals and we can both make sure we're a great fit moving forward. If you're interested in scheduling an appointment please fill out the new client request. 

Take a moment to browse the 
new client packages below.

Each package is designed to give us ample time to discuss and create the look you desire. Once I review your request, if there are any further questions, I will reach out via email. 

After the appointment is approved if you have any questions or ideas shoot them my way! I love inspiration even before we meet. 

Once you're in my chair you'll be able to sit back and relax. Enjoy the free wifi and selection of snacks and beverages. I'm always changing up the music selection in the room so if you have any request feel free to ask! 

We'll go over proper at home care to help maintain your cut and color, further appointment plans and any questions you may have.

I look forward to meeting you in person!

Flower Bouquet

All New Client Packages include:

  • demineralizing treatment to prep for optimal color results  

  • haircut or customized deep conditioning treatment

  • bond builders*

  • blowdry and style

  • one recommended after care product to take home*

*color services only

Pricing is based on average time and product usage and subject to change with above average usage.

New Client Packages

Cut and Treat
We'll start off with a deep clarifying and conditioning treatment specific for your hair needs. Followed by a personalized haircut and style. A little extra time is added here for our consultation and any product and styling questions you may have. 
1.25hrs   $82
Deluxe Color
Has it been a while? Do you have lots of hair the requires extra time? Or are you looking for lots of detail and care? That's ok! Just book this package and it will give us a significant amount of time. This appointment can include baby lights, ombre, balayage multiple colors (not including vivids) all over blonde refresh and so on.
4hrs    $260
Simple Color
When you just need a little freshen up. This one is great if you're a consistent salon goer and are just in for some maintenance such as grey retouch (under 2 months) a toner, maybe a couple pops of blonde around your face or a one color from roots to ends. 
2.5hrs.    $157
The Most
Are you in need of ALL the things? Here we will have the most amount of time to get it done. This one is for the platinums, the mermaid/unicorn hair, corrective color or if you know for sure it's a project that needs lots of attention. 
6hrs+       $400+

*after your initial appointment maintenance services
start at prices listed on service menu*

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