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From a father who paints masterpieces and a mother who can whip up just about anything crafty or cooking, it's just a way of life for me! 

I’m ALWAYS in mid project of either a painting, designing something for work, pulling apart or putting together some new inspiration of something I saw somewhere. I love to paint, redecorate and pretend like I know how to build stuff! 


Creativity runs through my veins.

If im not behind the chair you can

typically find me doing something creative.





Being a business owner and a momma life can keep me pretty busy! I try really hard to find little pockets of peace and calm. Time to slow down. Time to connect. Time to just be with myself. My hope, is that I can create a space for you to do just that. I truly enjoy connecting with like minded people open to just being themselves or at least open to learning how.


 Look forward to meeting you! <3

I love the constant growth and ever changing world of the hair industry. It gives me the opportunity to constantly learn and create new things. Whether it's the latest trends, what products I'm using and why, or fine tuning my craft to keep your hair feeling and looking healthy I'm interested in it. 

A growth mindset


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